CAS Risk Management consulting and implementation can help you manage corporate exposure to many types of risk
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Risk Management
Risk Management Score Card

Risk management is critical in business planning and execution. Risk management is designed to reduce or eliminate the risk of events that can adversely affect the business or its customers.

Risk Management protects the business from vulnerabilities. Many business risk management plans focus on keeping the company viable and reducing financial risks. However, risk management is also designed to protect the employees, customers, and general public from negative events. Risk management practices are also about preserving the physical facilities, data, records, and physical assets a company owns or uses.

Risk Management is an indispensible part of a good Project Management discipline. CAS has PMP-certified professionals with experience applying risk tools to protect successful project execution and to ensure the finished outcome (product, service, etc.) performs flawlessly. During project execution, these tools must be applied in a consistent, disciplined, and closed-loop manner so that risks are anticipated and effectively addressed.

CAS can apply a broad range of risk management tools and methods, including FMEA, Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA), and simulations such as Monte Carlo. In addition, CAS can work with the client to establish a disciplined, methodical process for managing risk during project or program execution; one that is closed-loop and proactive.

CAS professionals have years of risk management experience. In addition to our years managing risk on projects in the Space Shuttle Program, we have helped institute risk management programs. One of our people helped create and implement the United Space Alliance Risk Management Score Card for Space Shuttle processing. CAS worked with Ford Motor Company's Reliability Group to develop their Maintenance Risk Management program. Should your company want to implement or improve a risk management program contact us today.

Risk Management consulting and implementation can help you manage corporate exposure to many types of risk

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