CAS Lean professionals will facilitate your Kaizen Events to achieve breakthrough improvements in performance
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Kaizen Facilitation
CAS Professionals Are Experts in Kaizen Facilitation

Do you have a specific targeted process improvement that is needed but you don't quite know the solution? Would you like for your personnel to be trained in the process of achieving this process improvement? Let us work with your team in a Kaizen Event. This is a focused team effort for 2 to 5 days, depending on the complexity of the problem using Lean Six Sigma tools to significantly improve process efficiency and effectiveness.

Kaizen Facilitation

CAS professionals have facilitated dozens of Kaizen Events. Our professionals are experts in the tools of Lean and Lean Six Sigma. They also have many years of experience and significant training in working with teams, including roles and personalities within a team. In addition, we have Project Management expertise and can bring almost any project in on time and on budget. We can help you achieve breakthrough changes in your operations. This is key not only because you will save money. In the process you will find that you gain market share. In the past the business wisdom was "The big eat the small". This no longer applies. The small are eating the big. Just look at how Southwest Airlines is eating market share from the big airlines of the past. The new wisdom in this decade is "The fast eat the slow". The first to market grabs most of the market share. Customers are switching suppliers because one is faster and more agile than another.

Let the CAS professionals make you the fast, efficient company that responds quickly to customer needs.

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